Friday, June 9, 2017

Peps' TV Series Wrap-up: New Girl Season 6 New Girl premiered a few years ago, I thought that, while it was fun, I didn't think I was going to stick with it in the long run. Yet, here I am, writing about its recently concluded sixth season.

There are days when it feels like nothing has changed with the group that populates the TV series's loft, especially when they unleash the crazy. But there are moments when you realize that six seasons did produce significant changes.

Jess (Zooey Deschanel) tries to rid herself of her feelings for Nick (Jake Johnson), who she encouraged to have a relationship with Reagan (Megan Fox), by keeping busy. This might include starting a new relationship with Cece's ex Robby (Nelson Franklin). Meanwhile, Cece (Hannah Simone)and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) decide to find a home they can call their own, which causes the tenants of the loft to express concern about how the move would affect their friendship. Winston (Lamorne Morris) is happy in his relationship with Aly (Nasim Pendrad), and is thinking of taking it to the next step. And Nick embarks on his new journey as a writer, finally working on his first book "The Pepperwood Chronicles".

Here's the thing about New Girl... you can't recommend it to other people unless they're willing to commit to watching the whole series from the beginning. Because if you started watching at year six, you wouldn't understand why the characters are the way they are, nor would you understand the running jokes. But if you do watch it from the beginning, you will find yourself way more invested in finding out what happens to its characters. It's gratifying to realize just how much growth they've gone through after six years of shenanigans and eccentricities, though both still rear their heads aplenty in this season. It does make you wonder just how much more growing or evolving the group needs to go through. (As of writing, however, it seems that there isn't that much more growth to occur, considering that New Girl is entering its last leg next TV season.)
I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite season, but season six of New Girl proved to be a serious contender. The season is rife with milestones and moving in the right direction for everyone. It's about moving forward and taking on new roles for the group. It feels like the loft will never be the same after this season. Sure, Jess is back to having feelings for Nick, but their relationship is one of the linchpins of the series and one that they will always circle back to until they finally figure out how they can make it work. And while Jess and Nick's relationship isn't always my favorite part of the show, it feels like they're doing something right this season, even as they explore relationships with other people. Everyone is finally #adulting... or at least figuring out how to do just that while still being the bunch of weirdos that they are.
Given their now long history (for TV time) and when you take the time to think about their beginnings, it's hard not to realize the changes in the comedy the show offers. The earlier seasons focused on the clash of personalities at the loft, providing most of the comedy that we got to watch. But of late, it's how that particular group of personalities mesh to create comedic situations together. More often than not, it's two or more loft members getting into a heap of trouble together, or one needing the others to help him or her out. While some might think that the comedy makes less of an impact because of that, there're more scenes filled with love and warmth. And that's all the more highlighted in the season finale, which gave me the (now justified) scare that it's all coming to an end.

Sure, I could have detailed all the shenanigans the loft members went through this season, the guest stars that stirred the pot the right way for the group, or pointed out the many reasons why Winston is still my hands-down favorite character in the loft, but it seemed better to discuss the strengths of the season in broad strokes. Then again, I don't think I could have described everything in detail, given that a lot happens this season (including a weird breakup involving a discovery that those in said relationship might be related). All I can leave you with is that season six has been awesome and if you're still not a viewer of New Girl, then you could bring a bit of laughter in your life by watching it... from the beginning.

Because we're saying goodbye soon. As in last-season-eight-episode-run goodbye soon. :(

Happy viewing!

P.S. In the meantime, is there anybody actually working on The Pepperwood Chronicles? Based on the random readings and discussions about it in the series, I feel like it's something I would want to read.

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