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Peps' Reading List: Weekly Manga Update

Here's this week's manga update from my reading list.

Spoilers ahead!  This post contains detailed summaries.  So if you would prefer to read them yourself, please visit your favorite scanlation sites or buy the manga to support the mangakas.

Naruto  Chapter 600: Why Until Now...
Kakashi and Gai recognize Obito, with Kakashi confirming that it is indeed his former teammate who was behind Tobi's mask.  Obito tells Kakashi that he doesn't care if he calls him by his real name since it holds no meaning for him.  Kakashi remembers the events that led to losing his left eye and Obito's death.  Kakashi remembers how Obito asked him to take care of Rin.  Naruto asks who Obito is, with Kakashi confirming his identity.  Kakashi asks Obito why he has remained hidden if he has survived.  Obito replies that it doesn't matter whether he survived or was resurrected, but that he wouldn't mind sharing why he returned.  Obito tells Kakashi that he returned because he let Rin die.  Kakashi asks if Obito blames him for her death, but Obito replies that no good will come out of blaming Kakashi, since he holds no interest in a world that's about to disappear.  Seeing that Kakashi is affected, Naruto tells him that while he doesn't know about his past with Obito, it is not the time to feel depressed.  Naruto tells him that he will listen to Kakashi's story at another time and that they should instead focus on defeating Obito.  Gai tells Kakashi that Naruto is right, but Kakashi continues to be disturbed by the turn of events.  Obito decides to make his move, using both his space-time jutsu and Katon no jutsu to create the Chaotic Dance of the Exploding Winds.  Naruto uses Kurama's tails to disperse the fiery attack.  Something suddenly crashes besides Ubito and a voice tells Obito that he seems to be having fun.  The smoke clears to reveal Madara.

Bleach  Chapter 506: The Fire 2
Captain Kyoraku's Stern Ritter foe commends his increase in moral, but tells him that he is miscalculating one important thing.  Meanwhile, Captain Yamamoto declares that he is there to witness the last breath of Juha Bach, giving name to the Vandenreich leader.  The Stern Ritter tells Kyoraku that Captain Yamamoto will fall before Juha Bach does, especially since the shinigami are not the only one who gets fired up when their boss is involved in a fight.  It is revealed that there are other Stern Ritter, including As Nodt and Nanana, waiting to attack Captain Yamamoto.  A large explosion takes place.  Kyoraku acknowledges that there is a miscalculation but that Yamamoto is not someone that rules of common sense apply to, as the explosion becomes fiery.  As the Stern Ritter burns, Juha Bach tells them that they're stupid for meddling into one of his battles.  Captain Yamamoto just stares at him, prompting Juha Bach to ask what his eyes seem to want to say.  Yamamoto strikes at Juha Bach, telling the Vandenreich leader that he hasn't changed in his thinking nothing of his subordinates.  Juha Bach retorts that Yamamoto has gotten old, but losing himself in anger does harken back to Yamamoto's old days.  Yamamoto strikes again, this time with more force, causing Juha Bach to activate his medallion.  Yamamoto comments that he has finally drawn it, referring to the sword that Juha Bach drew from the medallion.  Yamamoto's flames suddenly disappear and Juha Bach watches as he calls out his Bankai, Zanka no Tachi.

One Piece  Chapter 680: Marine Base Captain of G5 "Kichiku Vergo"
The survivors surmise at how Caesar can just coldly sacrifice building A of the research lab by letting the gas in.  Brownbeard realizes that everyone is riding him, with Zoro apologizing about how they can no longer run.  As Brownbeard runs and complains about the additional weight, Kinemon announces that they should try to find his son.  Brownbeard tells them that he is heading for the soldier's lodgings, so he will have to separate with them later.  Meanwhile, the surviving G5 Marines asks the emotional Tashigi that they should try to escape, so they can report about the events on Punk Hazard.  Just as Tashigi agrees that they should leave, the dragon that escaped with Zoro and the others suddenly rain fire on them.  The dragon moves to attack them directly, easily dodging the bullets aimed at it.  The Marines dodge the attack and watch in horror as the dragon easily munches through metal.  Suddenly, the dragon looks afraid and flies off.  The Marines rejoice that they have received reinforcements and Tashigi watches in shock as they welcome Vergo like a hero, since they didn't know about his treachery.  Tashigi tells everyone to run, but Vergo easily dispatches the Marines around him.  As he continues his rampage, Tashigi remembers how Vergo had encouraged Smoker about the G5 and stories about how Vergo visits his sister at his hometown regularly.  Tashigi moves in to attack, but is immediately beaten by Vergo.  Some of the Marines think that the man before them is disguising as Vergo, refusing to believe that he is the Marine officer.  The Marines are easily defeated as Tashigi watches with tears in her eyes at the massacre.  Suddenly, Sanji appears and kicks Vergo, stating that a lady is calling for him.  While the surviving Marines can't believe their eyes, Sanji announces that he arrived because the dripping tears of a maiden is calling out to him.  Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates that are still riding with Brownbeard wonders why Sanji just left.  They are soon aware that the dragon they were running with earlier is flying overhead.  Brownbeard tells them that it looks different because its sedatives have worn off and that it's an evolved version that is tougher and faster.  Luffy and Smoker make their way to Caesar's lab.  Caesar is fuming that Vergo is killing the G5 Marines, who are supposed to be subjected to Shi-No-Kuni's poisonous gas.  Caesar gives the order to block the passageway leading to building B and let the poison gas in, not caring if Vergo is still with the Marines.  Luffy arrives with Smoker to Caesar's doorstep, a little short of breath.  Smoker opens the door and Luffy immediately kicks Caesar in the gut.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!  Chapter 400: Overwhelming
Verde boasts about the power of the Green Mosca.  Bermuda comments that it's like a school toy.  Verde suddenly receives a warning for a heat signature right in front of him and Jager appears in the middle of the remnant smoke.  Verde is shock when he receives two heat signatures at the same time when Jager uses his short warp speed to position his hands.  Jager easily removes both arms of the Green Mosca, soon to be followed by its head.  Verde gets out of the destroyed Green Mosca and Jager tells him that he will let the Arcobaleno live, since he's not there to kill those of his kind.  Bermuda rides Jager's shoulder again, stating that they are moving on the next one, whose final turn is coming up.  Mukuro and Dino ready themselves and Jager immediately moves behind Mukuro.  Mukuro tries to block with his staff, but Jager's attack breaks his staff and pierces his abdomen.  Jager realizes that his attack is too shallow and is about to strike again, when Dino uses his whip to capture the opponent's arm.  Jager uses his short warp speed to move his body and leaving his captured hand behind.  He slashes Dino then warps his captured hand to strike a finishing blow aimed at Dino's face.  Jager's hand is stopped in midair by chains.  Everyone turns to discover that the chains were launched by Hibari, who claims that he has paid his debt.  Hibari strikes with the other end of his tonfa, which causes Jager to slide backwards.  Hibari, Mukuro and Reborn notice the movement, with Reborn wondering why Jager didn't use his short warp speed to evade the attack.  Bermuda comments that another piece of trash has arrived, but that it's fine, since Dino can't fight anymore.  The injured Mukuro and Hibari are all that's left, with Hibari telling Mukuro that he won't help him at all.  Hibari comments that it seems Jager can't escape his weapon's attacks, which Mukuro and Reborn both agree with.  But Bermuda laughs, with Jager telling them that his short warp speed has no blind spots.  Hibari unleashes spiked balls using his flames  and Jager immediately homes in on him among the balls.  Upon striking, Jager realizes that he attacked one of Mukuro's decoys.  He turns to Mukuro, then also ends up striking another decoy.  Reborn comments that while Mukuro and Hibari are at odds with each other, they are totally in sync.  Hibari comes up behind Jager and strikes with his chain, but Jager once again warps out and appears behind him.  Just as everyone believes that Hibari will be hit, somebody suddenly punches Jager in the face, causing him to be blown back.  Reborn inwardly tells the newcomer that he's late.  Tsuna is angered at the sight of his defeated comrades and his flame brightens with his emotions. 

Fairy Tail  Chapter 298: *Throb* *Throb* - Ryuuzetsu Land
Side story on the events of the third night of the Dai-Matou Enbu.  Levi tells everyone about the public pool called Ryuuzetsu Land.  While worried about not telling Makarov, the Fairy Tail guild members decide to go, since Makarov and Laxus decided to go somewhere together.  The mysterious hooded figure hears the conversation and leaves.  The guild members arrive at Ryuuzetsu Land and start to have fun at the place.  Mirajane and Lysanna comment that they wish Elfman was there as well, not knowing that their brother is already there, hiding behind a rock with Evergreen.  The two argue about potentially being discovered, not realizing that Freed and Bickslow are watching them.  Juvia invites Gray to try the Love Slide with her, but Leon volunteers to take her instead.  Chelia meets up with Wendy and end up spending time together at the Ryuuzetsu Land.  It is revealed that the Quatro Puppy guild members are at the resort as well.  Mirajane gets her bikini top stolen by Jenny and gets her payback by taking down Jenny's bikini bottom.  Erza and Lucy get unwanted attention from the Blue Pegasus boys.  Lucy sees Mavis swimming in the pool, dourly watched over by Makarov and Laxus, who brought her to Ryuuzetsu Land in an attempt to get her to stop crying.  Erza asks Jellal why he's there and Jellal explains that he followed the mysterious presence to the resort.  Erza tells him that he stands out, because he's still wearing Mystogan's mask when he no longer has a shirt on.  Happy, Panther and Gajeel make Charle and Levi laugh.  Lucy watches everyone have fun and is surprised by the appearance of Scarlet, who told her that since Raven Tail only broke the rules, they were only interrogated.  Lucy asks why Scarlet is there and Scarlet bashfully apologizes, then moves to leave.  Lucy eventually smiles as she watches Scarlet walking away.  Natsu races with Ichiya, but Ichiya slips and slides towards Erza.  Jellal grabs Erza to get her out of the way and accidentally grabs her breasts.  Natus, who tripped over Ichiya flies towards Gray, Leon and Erza.  Natsu ends up pushing Gray and Leon, who end up going down the Love Slide together.  The two freeze the water and end up freezing the pool as well, causing Natsu to use his fire magic out of anger.  Ryuuzetsu Land explodes, which Sting and Lector watch from their hotel.  The resort is totaled and everyone is scattered among the rubble, with the exception of Natsu who is laughing on his feet.  Makarov and Mavis cries as the Ryuuzetsu Land representative confirms that Fairy Tail will be footing the bill.  

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi  Chapter 489: The Cycle of Martial Arts
Ukita realizes his predicament as he and the gunman fall off the building.  Kisara and Kenichi can only shout as Miu and Shiratori watch in shock.  As they continue to fall, Takeda pauses in his training as he suddenly thinks of his friend.  Takeda realizes that Shiba has disappeared.  Shiba appears in one of the building's windows and punches through it as Ukita falls past, telling Ukita that he is still pushing himself too hard even when he told him about those with and without.  Shiba pulls Ukita and the gunman through the window into safety.  Shiba comments how a single misstep can cause him to lose everything, but commends Ukita, stating that it is expected of his disciple's friend.  They take Ukita to Ryozanpaku, where he is treated by Akisame.  Akisame commends Shiba's actions for helping.  Shiba is happy to be commended for taking action as a result of all of his misdeeds, causing Akisame to want to beat him up because he endangered the lives of children.  Shiba runs from Akisama and pauses to take tea from the tray that Miu is carrying.  Shiba looks at Miu and comments that her ki is being released.  He continues his flight and stops to drink his tea.  As Akisame closes in, Shiba threatens to destroy one of Akisame's sculptures.  Shiba tells Akisame that it's a crime to plant the dream of martial arts into someone 'without' is a crime.  Kenichi speaks out, stating that it is his choice to study martial arts to be closer to those he cares about.  Shiba comments that his thoughts are naive, throws away his tea cup and jumps out the window, breaking part of the sculpture in the process.  Takeda, Kisara, Freya and Shiratori go to the public pool, where Shiratori claims defeat against Ukita.  Takeda points out that Ukita's feelings for Kisara are anything but shallow, prompting Shiratori to comment that he is jealous of Kisara just a little bit.  As Takeda's mind absorbs his words, Shiratori moves to join Kisara and Freya in the pool.  Takeda's eyes nearly pop out of his head when Shiratori drops his robe, revealing that Shiratori is actually a girl.  While Kisara and Freya don't look surprised, Takeda is shocked and knows that Ukita must have thought that Shiratori is a boy, since he considered Shiratori as his rival.  Shiratori asks about Ukita's likes and interests, prompting Takeda to realize that Shiratori must like Ukita too.  Takeda asks Ukita the following day if he knew that Shiratori was a girl, which Miu thought everyone knew and Kenichi is surprised about.

The World God Only Knows  Chapter 201: A New Career in a New Flag
Dokurou stops regressing, prompting Keima to wonder if it would stop her from killing herself.  Keima declares that it's time to go home, thinking that he has done enough and even points out to Elsie how they now have two orbs.  He pushes Dokorou and leads Elsie down the secret room with the mysterious table.  Keima declares that it's a time machine, explaining that by placing both orbs on the designated holes, he and Elsie will return to the future.  Elsie points out that he will return in his child form, but Keima doesn't care as long as he can play games.  He places one of the orbs in the hole, realizing that the symbol on it has changed to two triangles.  He directs Dokurou to place the other one, but watches in vain when the table doesn't do anything.  Keima complains about the events, but Elsie suggests that they should save the girl properly since she has a runaway spirit in her.  Keima points out that it's difficult to perform the conquest when he's a young boy.  Keima tells Elsie that the girl is named Dokurou, which surprises Elsie, who only remembers Chief Skull in her skeletal form with robes.  Keima calls Dokurou, then notices that she's starting to regress again.  He commands her to think of something exciting to stop her from regressing.  Dokurou tells him that she doesn't know anything exciting and that her heart is pitch black.  Dokurou starts to lose consciousness again and Keima once again kisses her, causing her to regain consciousness and return to her normal appearance.  Keima starts to think that it's possible to conquer Dokurou and tells Elsie that he is taking Dokurou home with him.  Keima asks Elsie to tell him about Chief Skull before they reach his home.  Elsie tells him that Chief Skull was a hero of new hell and became its symbol after conquering over the weiss.  Keima asks how long the war lasted and Elsie replies that it lasted a long time, with Chief Skull losing all her body except her bones by the end of it.  Keima shares his theory that the girl Dokurou is also Chief Skull.  Keima tells Dokurou that they are going to live together.  Meanwhile, a hooded figure with a single eye flies over Akanemaru.

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